Webinar on Demand: Rapid improvements for Operations and Finance
Board Demonstration

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Board_pngDeliver rapid enhancements for your enterprise budgeting, reporting, and forecasting.

As enterprise complexity continues to increase, finance teams are facing more advanced and complicated budgeting, reporting, and forecasting requirements.

Hampered by dated systems utilised well beyond their original scope, enterprise performance can suffer as the critical details of an organisation's financial health is hidden by time-intensive processes that yield little insight.

Hosted by industry experts from Taysols and Board, discover how Board's powerful and highly tailorable enterprise planning capabilities can rapidly revolutionise your enterprise budgeting, reporting, and forecasting with a live demonstration.  

This short webinar features:

  • How you can rapidly improve your enterprise and improve your budgeting, reporting, and forecasting timeline.
  • Using Board to create a unified source of truth for your enterprise.
  • Boost executive insight into operational health with Three-way Financial Statements
  • How to significantly extend your forecasting horizon and enable rolling forecasts
  • A demonstration of Board's powerful and customisable Digital Boardroom capabilities, improving and streamlining enterprise reporting for all business levels.
  • How you can immediately gain these benefits for your enterprise 

Discover how Taysols can unlock significant performance for your enterprise with Board.