We create order from the numbers that driveyour business.


We offer services to design, build, test, deploy, support, run and host Business Analytics & Big Data solutions. Most other businesses in our space may claim to be able to offer this full suite of Business Analytics solutions, but the truth is - they can't. It takes years to build up the expertise and have the right personnel onboard to not only achieve the results, but to actually demonstrate the outcomes. The reality is that results are the core foundation of our business, driven by good working relationships.

Taysols has worked with large and small organisations to help them deploy a variety of these solutions to great effect. Our client list shows a range of case studies that demonstrate the wide variety of challenges we've addressed with businesses.

For our clients, these synergies make us truly a one-stop shop for Business Analytics solutions and as such, a valued business partner for information management within an organisation. For every insight we gain, it gives you an opportunity for an insight into your own business and subsequently your customers.

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