Drive Your Organisation Forward With Board

Just like the modern car, ensuring your organisation runs at optimal performance requires hundreds of advanced systems operating in perfect unison.

Engineered from the ground up for automotive dealers, Board offers an all-in-one platform for enhanced organisational performance. Board allows you to see the length and breadth of your organisation’s performance, unlocking actionable insights, driving evidence-based strategy, and optimising organisational performance.

Powerful Business Intelligence Tools

Board for Automotive BI

Accurately drill-down into your data and create accurate forecasts providing direction and insight for your organisation.

  • Evidence-based decisions
  • Uncover new opportunities

Track, Manage, and Monitor Inventory

Board for Automotive Inventory Management

Parts, repairs, old stock, new stock, Board can provide real-time insight into your organisation’s inventory across every location.

  • Single source of truth for your organisation
  • Immediately see the information you need

Consolidate Your Finance Function

Board for Automotive Primary Dashboard

Manage your budgeting, planning, and forecasting from a single source of truth. Board enables Automotive dealers to develop precise modelling for each business unit.

  • Report, Plan, and Forecast with ease
  • Clarity on sales performance

Board is an incredibly powerful platform with everything you need to drive your organisation forward.

Discover the full power of the Board engine and how it can enhance your organisation’s performance. Book a free test drive with Taysols and pop the hood on what Board can do.

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