The truth and the insights behinds the data, is the information that helps to make informed commercial decisions

Data Integration & Warehousing

Business Analytics solutions convert data into actionable information. Multiple and often diverse data sources need to be integrated to inform your decision process. Although our approach to consulting is business outcome driven, we possess the in-depth technical expertise to architect and build your data and metadata integration layer using ETL (or ELT) tools, real-time data integration technologies, relational repositories incl. data warehouses, and metadata management systems.

Our preferred solution architecture leads to a single version of the truth for data as well as metadata, allows drill-through to transactional source data, facilitates near real-time data integration and lowers operational overheads. Imagine a single view of a customer or product, deep diving from a KPI dashboard down to underlying transactional data, or enjoying real-time operational and financial insights.

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