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Discover How Les Mills Overcame FP&A Challenges

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Unlock the potential of your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes with Les Mills' remarkable success story. Learn how they eliminated the limitations of Excel spreadsheets and manual data entry, revolutionizing their operations with a cutting-edge solution. Witness the transformation as Les Mills gained a single source of truth, enhanced accuracy, and restored confidence in their financial models.

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Regaining Control of Business Performance with Board

Join Taysols and Board in this webinar as we delve into how multiple Australian and New Zealand Automotive businesses have re-taken control of their organisation's performance with Board's leading decision-making platform. 

We will also demonstrate how Board enables you to:

  • Take control of your organisation's direction with a powerful management intelligence solution,
  • Link multiple underlying operating systems, including ERA, from across the business into a single dashboard
  • Unite Operational and Financial Planning across the entire business, keeping multiple departments on track toward enterprise goals.
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Intelligent Planning for Retailers Webinar on Demand-1

A knowledge-sharing discussion by Taysols and Board

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In this webinar, learn to connect planning activities – Finance to Retail to Supply Chain – to enable more informed data-based decisions. View a demo of Board’s integrated retail planning platform combining Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy, Range and Assortment Planning and linking these with your strategic plans. Discover how Board can promote collaborative, intelligent planning.

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Gain improvements for your Operations and Finance 

In this webinar hosted by industry experts from Taysols and Board, discover how Board's powerful and highly tailorable enterprise planning capabilities can rapidly revolutionise your enterprise budgeting, reporting, and forecasting with a live demonstration.  

This short webinar features:

  • How you can rapidly improve your enterprise and improve your budgeting, reporting, and forecasting timeline.
  • Using Board to create a unified source of truth for your enterprise.
  • Boost insight into operational health with three-way Financial Statements
  • How to extend your forecasting horizon and enable rolling forecasts
  • See Board's powerful and customisable Digital Boardroom capabilities, improving and streamlining enterprise reporting for all business levels.
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