What should a complete Business Intelligence solution give you?


Business Intelligence (BI) is a major component of the Business Analytics framework and is often described as a broad category of technologies for gathering, storing, retrieving and analysing data. BI applications include reporting, dashboards, scorecards, adhoc queries, multidimensional OLAP, visualisations, predictive modelling and data mining.

Together with our clients and partners we have developed innovative BI solution blueprints for continuous auditing, strategic workforce planning, Australian labour forecast insights, and credit risk assessment.

Our suite of tools provide comprehensive capabilities for business intelligence, including enterprise reporting, dashboards, adhoc analysis, multidimensional OLAP, scorecards and predictive analytics on an integrated platform.

Accelerate business innovation by drastically reducing the time it takes to deploy BI solutions. Our BI Applications are preconfigured for a variety of data sources. These solutions enable organisations to extend the value of their existing IT investments with intuitive, role-based intelligence and power better decisions. They support business functions and industry-specific processes with best-practice analytics.

What should a complete Business Intelligence solution give you?

  • An easy and intuitive report designer that liberates non-technical users from IT assistance by delivering full control over layouts, formatting, fonts and colours.
  • The ability to distribute reports as live data or as a static snapshot at a specific point in time.
  • The option of building single report structures and then generating multiple reports in a scheduled environment that reduces the burden of maintaining duplicate reports.
  • Flexible output formats such as HTML and pdf enabling wide distribution and viewing of reports from a Web browser.
  • An object-oriented design tool that supports drag-and-drop placement of objects which are automatically updated when changed.
  • A library of re-usable report components that simplify the process of building and maintaining complex reports.
  • Built-in functions and libraries that become the building blocks for complex calculations and data retrieval within the text.
  • A scalable architecture that can service a variety of clients and facilitates easy deployment to a large number of users on multiple platforms.
  • A platform that supports end user data mashups, story boarding and rich visualisation approaches including human attentive navigation.
  • Some of our tools provide voice activated analysis allowing end users to talk to their devices instead of type or click on them to provide insights to the business.

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