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Gain complete control of business decision-making, strategy, and performance across your organisation.

It is more complicated than ever for business leaders to make sound decisions when faced with the growing challenges of ever-increasing data and rapidly shifting markets. Trying to make sense of multiple data streams when analysing, planning, and forecasting is a recipe for frustration without a clear picture of business performance.

Board is a leading solution for modern business management, streamlining and combining advanced analytics capabilities, business intelligence, planning and analysis, all in one user-friendly platform.

Board unifies multiple underlying operational systems into a single source of truth, featuring highly customisable dashboards, Board brings streamlined business planning for Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR, and Finance. Board offers a fast, easy-to-use, and secure all-in-one solution for critical decision-makers across the organisation. If you can build a spreadsheet, you can build Board making it one of the easiest solutions in the marketplace to deploy applications and consume information.

Underpin Strategy with Finance

  • Drive Strategy through Finance
  • Revolutionise your FP&A, Consolidations, and Reporting
  • Boost Enterprise Performance and Efficiency


Board Profitability analysis performance management screen

Hard numbers give intelligent management the most precise picture of the actual performance in any organisation. From Planning, to Reporting, the best measure of enterprise performance is in the magic of Finance.

If your performance data is locked in spreadsheets, siloed and inaccessible, it creates obstacles and headaches when navigating business challenges, driving sound decisions, and gaining critical insights when most needed.

Board breaks open these data silos, providing a single platform for Finance across the entire organisation, streamlining and enhancing Planning, Analysis, Consolidations, Forecasting and genuinely attractive & intuitive visualisations.

By unifying Finance, Board enables key decision-makers to see statutory and management reports on-demand rapidly, and gives the office of Finance the ability to clickthrough into underlying data figures to uncover what is truly driving business performance.

Discover Modern Finance

Make Evidence-based Decisions

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Management Intelligence

  • Analyse and Plan with Real-Time Data

Having accurate, up-to-date information is absolutely critical to navigating any business towards success. Board combines real-time data from underlying systems with advanced Business Intelligence functionality, enabling management to confidently make evidence-based decisions.

Board integrates Planning, Forecasting, and Analytic functionality in a single unified solution, significantly enhancing business intelligence capability, tangibly linking analysis with actual system data.

Board will save you time and reduce operational costs by streamlining the number of systems necessary to lead the business effectively.

Management Intelligence

Modernise Strategic Planning


Integrated Business Planning

  • Streamline Financial, Strategic, and Operational Planning across the enterprise

Board offers a unique strategic insight into your business performance with its ability to consolidate multiple Business Planning and Management Reporting functions into a single platform.

Through Board's Integrated Business Planning, Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Operations your team can work from the same data, ensuring leaders across multiple business units and departments can see and share a unified business-wide vision, direction, and goal.


Integrated Business Planning

A Single Toolkit for Performance

Board Single Toolkit for Performance

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Combined Business Intelligence dashboard
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities
  • Full control of performance across the organisation

Board offers businesses a single environment fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to create and update databases, data presentations, analyses, and models, all in a self-sufficient easy-to-use platform.

The combination of Board's powerful Business Intelligence dashboard tools and comprehensive analytical capabilities make it easy for users to quickly build fit-for-purpose analytics, planning, and simulation applications, across the business.

Enterprise Performance Management

Board in Action

Enhancing organisations across Australia and New Zealand

Numerous organisations across Australia and New Zealand have uplifted their business operations with Board's leading decision-making platform, completely transforming their Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management to meet the increasingly complex demands and business environments of modern organisations.

Highly configurable and customisable with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, Board has enabled users to quickly and easily build numerous flexible solutions to complex business challenges specific for their department or business unit.

Taysols has enabled multiple organisations to meet shifting consumer, vendor and business demands through Board's unparalleled flexibility and world-leading capabilities for business intelligence, enterprise performance management, financial planning, consolidations, and management & operational reporting.

Discover how Board can enable your organisation to meet its complex business demands today.

See how Board can transform you business performance

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