Keep your Business Analytics
deployment relevant and
well supported.


Our comprehensive and outcome-focussed support services deliver everything that is needed for the seamless operation and continuous improvement of your Business Analytics solutions. We provide leadership, share knowledge and roll up our sleeves to resolve issues, develop enhancements and manage the underlying technology, including system administration, patching, monitoring and release cycle management.

As queries vary from bigger picture business-centric to nitty-gritty technical, so does our language. Our ability to discuss the divestiture of a business in Asia one day and assessing the impact of a port re-configuration on another stands us out from our competitors.

Unlike many other support providers, we seek an active role in the ongoing enhancement of your system. Business Analytics solutions, by their very nature, need to be highly adaptive and evolve as the business itself matures and changes. We work closely with you in providing guidance and, where applicable, design, test and deploy enhancements under an agile methodology. Our support organisation, in conjunction with your team, effectively operates as a Centre of Excellence for Business Analytics.

The full breadth of our support and helpdesk services essentially constitutes a managed services offering where we take care of all system administrative tasks, monitor services and usage, resolve issues, implement enhancements and support end users, system administrators and IT staff alike.


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