Regaining Control of Business Performance
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Driving complex enterprises towards profitability is the goal of every leader. But, navigating a business down this road isn't easy - it's full of headaches and unknowns, with aging technology, regulatory requirements, and third-party procedures complicating your planning and hindering enterprise performance.

When you add in multiple business units, warranties, after-sales services, supplier demands, and complex supply chains, even the slightest delay to your processes can significantly impact your operational performance, ability to service, and ultimately your revenue.

Clearly seeing the big picture across business units for key decision-makers, managers, and leaders, is critical to ensuring the whole business is on track for profitability and performance.

Join Taysols and Board in this live webinar as we delve into how multiple Australian and New Zealand Automotive businesses have re-taken control of their organisation's performance with Board's leading decision-making platform. 

In this webinar, we will also demonstrate how Board enables you to:

  • Take control of your organisation's direction with a powerful management intelligence solution
  • Link multiple underlying operating systems, including ERA, from across the business into a single dashboard
  • Unite Operational and Financial Planning across the entire business, keeping multiple departments on track toward enterprise goals

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Webinar on Demand