Intelligent Planning for Retailers
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A knowledge-sharing discussion hosted by Taysols and Board

Planning is one of the most difficult capabilities to land successfully in any organisation. A consistent and integrated planning approach is something that continues to elude most organisations.

In this webinar, learn to connect planning activities – Finance to Retail to Supply Chain – to enable more informed data-based decisions. View a demo of Board’s integrated retail planning platform combining Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy, Range and Assortment Planning and linking these with your strategic plans.

Presented by Taysols and joined by Lachlan McPherson from Board, understand:

  • How Board has fostered synergy between Finance, Retail, and Supply Chain teams, in industry leaders like Puma and Burberry.
  • How to break-down financial forecasts into detailed elements like units, gross profit, sales mix, discounts, and open to buy (OTB) units.
  • How Board empowers Finance teams by providing valuable insights from retail and supply chain data, helping them make smarter budget and investment decisions.

Download today to discover how Board can promote collaborative, intelligent planning.