Free EOFY survival guide

Posted by Claudia Dale on Jan 31, 2019 3:00:39 PM

taysols_tip sheet_EOFY survival guideThere is a way to reduce the madness of EOFY group reporting. It’s not too late to take action - download our free survival guide here.

Our firm, Taysols, has identified more than nine contributing factors that make EOFY reporting in large, complex organisations fraught with challenges. Some of these include:
  • intercompany data sourcing and matching
  • data validation
  • variable inancial competency within subsidiary finance teams
  • increased disclosure requirements
  • preparation of accurate statutory cash flow reports
  • speedy treatment of last minute provisions
  • reconciliation between management and statutory statements
  • auditor access and compliance requirements
  • sheer volume of information to be compiled.

We've also found best-practice examples of extremely complex organisations that avoid much of the angst and, instead, leverage the latest corporate performance management technology.

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Topics: Financial Consolidation & Reporting