Webinar Replay: Enhancing the Enterprise with Driver-Based Forecasting

Posted by Taysols on Apr 13, 2021 1:44:22 PM
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taysols webinar_recording_driver based forecastingWebinar Replay: Enhancing your Enterprise with Driver-Based Forecasting
(Originally 11AM AEST 22nd April 2021)

Driver-based forecasting is the pivotal piece for successful enterprise planning.

The last year has placed massive pressure on finance teams of complex organisations around the globe. Unprecedented market uncertainty and challenges to operations resulted in enterprise plans and forecasts becoming outdated as quickly as they were completed.

Identified as a critical focus area for Finance in 2021 by McKinsey Research, using driver-based forecasting enables enterprises to rapidly and accurately model the impact changing business conditions can have upon operations.

Featuring a live demonstration of OneStream's powerful Rolling Forecast solution, this webinar will demonstrate how enterprises can harness the power of driver-based forecasting today. 

OneStream is a powerful enterprise finance platform, shaving days from the financial close for enterprises around the world. Taysols Australian OneStream Hosting, along with qualified expertise in driver based forecasting to aid leading organisations get back to business.

The Video-on-demand of this one-hour webinar covers:

  • Why switching to driver-based forecasting is pivotal for enterprise success in today's turbulent market
  • How using driver-based forecasting can accelerate the enterprise planning process
  • Using driver-based forecasting to drive down budgeting timeframes and prepare for the future.
  • Preparing and fortifying enterprise planning to support future advanced capabilities including Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence with driver-based forecasting
  • A live demonstration of OneStream's powerful Planning capabilities, in a unique under-the-hood demonstration, showing you how OneStream operates and processes information in real time.

Complete the form to the upper right of the page to see the recording, and discover how OneStream can accelerate, enhance, and fortify your enterprise with driver-based forecasting.

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