Machine Learning for Finance

Posted by Claudia Dale on Jul 24, 2019 3:55:47 PM

taysols_ML and EPM-August_2In today’s fast changing world we are dealing with the ever changing role of the Finance Office to drive strategic business advantage.

What we’re seeing is Chief Financial Officers turning to us when:
  • They’re frustrated with unlocking value from their data that they know exists;
  • Searching for ways to improve the efficiencies of their teams whilst staying on top of all their regulatory requirements;
  • Looking to drive innovation across the organisation and deliver value based outcomes for the broader business.

Machine Learning is fast becoming a tool in the arsenal of pro-active and innovative CFOs.   

Targeted specifically for CFOs, Financial Controllers and Head of Procurement our expert team made up of Taysols’ Chief Data Scientist, our Budgeting & Planning Lead, as well as AWS’s Artificial Intelligence Solution Architectwill run through a number of real world scenarios of how Machine Learning can assist you to:

  • Reduce your budgeting cycle, increase your forecasting accuracy and incorporate insights from additional data sources;
  • Improve your cashflow position leveraging Machine Learning and predictive analytics; 
  • Identify and predict your ‘at-risk’ suppliers.

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Thursday, 29th August 2019
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Melbourne CBD
Lunch will be  provided

Tuesday, 10th Septembert 2019
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Sydney CBD
Lunch will be  provided

Topics: Advanced Analytics, Budgeting & Forecasting