Advanced Analytics holds the promise of giving you deeper insight into your organisation's customers, partners and business.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics continues to be the topic of much discussion and hype, and companies that have pioneered ways to analyse Big Data and integrate it with traditional data are finding that the benefits are very real. Big Data — information gathered from non-traditional sources such as blogs, social media, email, sensors, photographs, video footage are therefore typically unstructured and voluminous — holds the promise of giving you deeper insight into your organisation's customers, partners and business.

This data can provide answers to questions you may not have even thought to ask. What's more, companies benefit from a multidimensional view of their business when they draw information from any combination of structured and unstructured data across various sources, enabling you to gain a deeper and more accurate insight into your business' performance and its potential.

Our Solution offers a complete solution for agile data discovery across the enterprise, empowering business and data analysts with the ability to explore data like a data scientist – or use our Data Scientists to help you explore your data and provide meaningful insights and predictions using "R" and Python and other data science related tools.

Combining diversified and voluminous data with advanced modelling tools starts to drive predictive analytics and real time insight - we call this combination of data ingestion, governance, storage, predictions, machine learned and visualised information ADVANCED ANALYTICS.

Gartner refers to the 3rd Wave of Data Disruption, meaning the ability for "Smart Data Discovery" platforms that enable insights for business users (Citizen Data Scientists and other Subject Matter Experts) through Data Discovery capabilities deployed on Hadoop.  This allows organisations unprecedented visibility into all relevant information, to drive growth while saving time and reducing cost.

Check out our various white papers and tip sheets for Advanced Analytics projects.

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