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Discover How Les Mills Overcame FP&A Challenges

Streamlined FP&A Operations for Unparalleled Accuracy

Unlock the potential of your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes with Les Mills' remarkable success story. Learn how they eliminated the limitations of Excel spreadsheets and manual data entry, revolutionizing their operations with a cutting-edge solution. Witness the transformation as Les Mills gained a single source of truth, enhanced accuracy, and restored confidence in their financial models.

Empowering Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Experience the power of increased visibility and speed of insights that Les Mills attained. Discover how their monthly forecasting capabilities improved, enabling agile responses to market changes. Dive into the world of sophisticated driver-based models that enhanced Les Mills' FP&A modeling, providing a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.

Partnering for Success: Taysols and Board Software

Uncover the winning formula behind Les Mills' triumph. Witness the strategic collaboration between Les Mills, Taysols, and Board software that made it all possible. Explore the benefits of a low-code finance platform that seamlessly integrated with Les Mills' existing data environment, ensuring a smooth transition. Learn how Taysols' expertise and the "train the trainer" approach empowered Les Mills' team to take control of their future growth.

"Board has provided visibility and speed of insight. The initial delivery has been a game changer. Taysols has been a great
partner to help us on this journey. Phase 1 was implemented well and has set us up for future phases and more sophisticated modelling which we are looking to roll out immediately

Alice Chang Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Les Mills International