A Taysols' OneStream Success Story

Taysols & OneStream quickly became the preferred solution

Facing the end-of-life for their previous solution, Wesfarmers needed to ensure continuity for their finance operations. After evaluating multiple solutions through workshops and demonstrations, Taysols and OneStream quickly became the preferred solution.

Hundreds of offline spreadsheets were eliminated

OneStream provided Wesfarmers with a highly advanced finance platform, significantly accelerating Wesfarmers' periodic reporting by automating labour-intensive processes and eliminating hundreds of offline spreadsheets.

OneStream consolidations the Group with a single click

Wesfarmers’ now consolidates their Group “with the click of a button” with OneStream,  compared to the incumbent system and includes more information presented to users in a far better way. By integrating dozens of out-of-solution processes into a unified platform, Wesfarmers significantly streamlined their group reporting pipeline allowing them to turn around questions from senior executives in a matter of minutes instead of days by taking full advantage of OneStream’s integrated automation capabilities.
"From our early discussions with Taysols and OneStream, it became clear that we were dealing with organisations who understood our challenges in Group Finance. The project has proven to be an outstanding success thanks to a great team of Wesfarmers, Taysols and OneStream personnel, and we're looking forward to further developing key initiatives in future phases

Adam Sofoulis, GM Group Accounting GM Group Accounting, WESFARMERS

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