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13 Feb

Taysols & OneStream webinar: Deep Dive into Budgeting and Forecasting (3/4)

Join us for part 3 of our informative 4-part webinar series and learn how FP&A organisations and managers use OneStream to achieve 100% success in rolling out sophisticated budgeting and forecasting solutions.

The unique approach to solving age-old problems in the planning process, results in a unified, easy to use application that delivers rich functionality, high performance and unmatched scalability.

Topics addressed;

  • Seeding budgets and rolling forecasts with minimal effort
  • Applying different levels of granularity across processes like forecast, budget and actuals in a single application
  • Planning for the unknown such as number of people, fixed assets or projects without sacrificing the financial model or performance
  • Creating long range plans, budgets and forecasts to seamlessly share information
  • Easing end user adoption with Guided Workflow and task management and more!

It's a can't miss demonstration for sophisticated organisations looking to simplify their technical footprint and unify their corporate performance and reporting needs.

Here the details:

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 1pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

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And, if you are interested in the next and final upcoming episode, please click on the link below to register.

Episode 4: Deep Dive into the Account Reconciliation process and see control and governance in action

The recordings of the first two episodes are now available for download. Watch them now at your own pace.

Episode 1: Reporting with a unified platform

Episode 2: Deep Dive into Consolidation