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18 Apr

Finally the right solution for IFRS 16

IFRS 16 regulatory reporting for how you account for your Leases must be in place by 01/01/2019. With time running out, many organisations are looking at implementing complicated, error-prone and inefficient "Excel" based solutions.

Attend this webinar to see how this purpose-built solution for IFRS 16 will ensure you and your team will be ready for this cut over date by leveraging k-IFRS 16 from kShuttle. k-IFRS 16 is an industry leading, purpose-built solution for IFRS 16 management, scenario-based modelling and reporting that tightly integrates into your existing source and consolidation solutions.

Already successfully implemented at leading organisations in the home of IFRS - Europe, Taysols now brings k-IFRS 16 exclusively to Australia. This solution has proven to strengthen a business-oriented approach and is very easy to implement.

k-IFRS 16 allows you to collect decentralised data and documentary proofs, simulate the impact of changes to discount rate or duration on key financial reports as well as create dashboards or reporting books.

In this informative webinar we will demonstrate this solution and show how you can use it to meet the new lease accounting standards. This includes:

  • Automating calculations that are otherwise time-consuming, prone to error and difficult to audit in a spreadsheet
  • Maintaining one version of the truth across finance
  • Capitalising a lease, modelling the best adoption method, and scenario planning for signing the leases.
  • Adding qualitative information and commentary at any level of the process
  • Comparing the impact of different scenarios to make informed decisions
  • Working in a group using an end-to-end solution without breaking the digital chain
  • Designing action plans enabling you to follow the degree of progress.

All this in an 'Excel like' solution for easy adoption and with the rigour of an underlying industrial strength database.

Don't miss out on this unique chance to see k-IFRS 16 live in action.