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15 Aug

Big Data for Business - Free Event Series

Big Data has revolutionised data storage and processing by acting as a disruptor in the traditional space of data warehousing and analytics.

Just as the improvements in lithium-ion battery technology helped fuel the boom in the electric automotive market, the vast improvements in the performance and cost of computer processing have helped fuel the concept of utilising Big Data processing in the broader business setting.

The increasing level of maturity of the opensource tooling in the Big Data space has sparked an increase in the willingness of businesses to more confidently venture into the taking advantage of Big Data. Despite this, we still find that businesses of all sizes are struggling to leverage Big Data and the associated technology to its full potential to gain tangible business benefits.

In this three-part series, Taysols' Chief Big Data Architect will

  • Help you gain a better understanding of the different Big Data implementations which will allow you to make the right decision for your organisation;
  • Breakdown and demystify near real-time ingestion so that you can confidently implement it in your business environment;
  • Demonstrate how you can have the best of both worlds in a hybrid on-premise/cloud Big Data use case implementation;
  • Provide actionable advice on how to begin or improve a Big Data initiative with the right approach and perspective for your business.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is considering starting a Big Data project, but doesn't know where to begin, which tools and platforms to use and which design would be most appropriate for their situation.
  • Anyone who has already started their Big Data journey and is looking to improve their data ingestion and processing.
  • Anyone who is considering implementing a productionised Big Data use case to generate a return on your investment.

Each session can be attended independently as different areas will be addressed in each. However, to gain a deeper insight into how Big Data can benefit your business, attending all three sessions is highly recommended.

To register for the different sessions, please click on the respective link below.

Part 1: Big Data Implementation Options (16/08/2018)

Part 2: Near Real-time Data Ingestion (20/09/2018)

Part 3: Model Deployment in a Hybrid Environment (18/10/2018)

All sessions are free of charge and last approximately one hour. Seats are limited, so register early to secure your place.