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Budgeting & Forecasting

Join other Taysols clients in realising the benefits of implementing better budgeting, planning & forecasting practices and enabling technologies. Our clients have significantly reduced cycle times, improved the accuracy of budgets and forecasts, and increased the integrity of management reporting. Just like all our other analytic solutions, our clients deploy in the cloud or on premise or both.

Leading forecasting, budgeting & strategic modelling tools provide an integrated solution for strategic, financial and operational planning processes. Leveraging the power of up-to-date technologies, the applications provide many pre-built features as well as a common web interface, workflow and process management to help streamline the planning, budgeting and forecasting process.

Strategic Modelling applications include rich financial forecasting features with on-the-fly scenario analysis and modelling capabilities. They help you to quickly model and evaluate financial scenarios and offer out of the box treasury capabilities for sophisticated debt and capital structure management.

  • Integrate financial modelling for strategic planning, treasury and corporate development
  • Model with integrity and transparency to minimise risk and create efficiencies
  • Minimise model building efforts with packaged financial modelling tools
  • Deploy and implement quickly with minimal IT support

OneStream Webinar: Deep Dive into Budgeting and Forecasting
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BOARD Budgeting & Planning
OneStream Budgeting Forecasting & Planning
Oracle Hyperion Planning
Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance

What should a complete budgeting, planning & forecasting solution give you?

  • Complete Web functionality - including reporting and analysis, process management and data entry - that ensures an easy and low-cost distribution to a wide audience. A thin-client or cloud architecture and centralised data that significantly reduce time spent on application maintenance and distribution, which results in a lower total cost of system ownership.
  • Collaborative planning capability that involves all front-line decision makers and consistently communicates changes in direction for all aspects of planning, including top-down target setting, allocations, re-forecasting and tactical bottom-up planning.
  • A spreadsheet add-in which allows users to work in a familiar tool for reporting and analysis as well as data entry.
  • Powerful process and workflow management - including e-mail notification and alerts - that empowers users to track the progress of their budget, create and validate plans and respond quickly to changes.
  • Integrated planning processes that enable companies to create multidimensional plans that feed into an organisation-wide operational plan. Target-setting scenarios are set with cascading targets and objectives that contain annotations, allowing managers to set top-down performance targets that close the gap with operational plans.
  • Flexible business rules functionality that enables employees to have a heightened understanding of the story behind the numbers and buy-in to corporately maintained rules and assumptions. End users themselves write, update and maintain their own specific business rules and complex calculations without IT assistance.
OneStream Webinar: Deep Dive into Budgeting and Forecasting
Tip Sheet Budgeting for Success
BOARD Budgeting & Planning
OneStream Budgeting Forecasting & Planning
Oracle Hyperion Planning
Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance
  • Taysols is an Oracle partner with experience, capability and shared vision for excellence. They well and truly lived up to their "do it with you, not to you" slogan, which was instrumental in the project's success.

    Stephen Harman

    Controller - Financial Reporting

  • The wealth of knowledge and expertise brought in by Taysols helped in mitigating the risks associated with our HFM implementation project and also contributed to a better change management process. Having hands-on consultants with the drive and ‘can do’ attitude meant we could approach this project with utmost confidence in achieving the desired outcome.

    Thai Tao

    Financial Controller

  • We signed the hosting agreement with Taysols on Friday and had the system up and running on Monday.

    Gary Blake

    Vice President, Corporate Operations

  • I have worked with Taysols in many scenarios, across many years, and one of the key aspects of their customer engagements that clients find refreshing is the high degree of integrity and credibility that they bring to the table, with an ability to engage at all levels of an organisation. They understand the businesses and technologies they deal with to a degree that even their business partners struggle to emulate, and are extraordinarily results-driven; projects are always on time and budget. Their team camaraderie is outstanding, and this is palpable to their clients and business partners.

    Mark Fazackerley

    Vice President, Australia and NZ

  • In Taysols we found a partner with considerable performance management credentials and a pragmatic approach to overcoming our budgeting & reporting challenges.

    Richard Eke

    National Manager - Information Services

  • Evidence based workforce metrics are a critical part of quality strategic workforce planning.

    Julie Sloan

    Chief Executive

  • Taysols was a great choice! Their team worked closely with ours and delivered a solution that has and will continue to provide significant benefits for Seven West Media.
    They worked hard and smart and delivered the goods within budget. Who could ask for more.

    Avegail Pitman

    Financial Control and Reporting Manager

  • Compared to other technology initiatives with which I have been involved, I was very impressed with Taysols’ willingness to meet issues head on and manage flexibly to ensure our project was successfully delivered.

    Chris Hare

    GM Planning, Rewards & Sourcing

  • In Taysols we have an exceptional and trustworthy partner, who supported us 100% along the way. Never too tired to go the extra mile and push the project forward, so that we were up in running in less than five months. Having our solution hosted by Taysols is definitely a big benefit as well, as we can rely on their highly specialised team and their very secure Australian based Tier III data centres.

    Kristine Freedman

    Commercial Manager and Global Systems Project Leader

  • We have much gratitude for the hands on, professional services we received from Taysols.

    Thai Tao

    Financial Controller